Once your project is synced online, you can share up to three different versions of your project simultaneously with different groups of people.

Just click on the Sharing option in the top menu bar of Wonda VR Studio to get started:

Manage the different stages of your project

With the Premium Plan you can easily share different versions of your project for each stage / segment of your audience. 

  • Working Version: the latest synchronized working version of your project, convenient for internal testing.

  • In Review: the version of your project submitted for review to your team and/or your client.

  • Released: the version of your project submitted for release to your final audience.

Thanks to this feature, you can now edit your project and preview it online using “Working Version” or “In Review” stage without interfering with any other versions you have previously shared as “Released”.

N.B: Each stage of your project works with one single unique URL and QR code that will remain the same throughout your project duration.

Recommended Workflow:

1/ You start editing a project, and sync it to preview it online with your phone. This will automatically generate your first version (v1) of your “Working Version”. You can then share the URL or QR Code to your team for internal testing.

2/ Next step, once the prototype seems to be working fine and is ready to be shared with your client, sync it again to update the latest “Working Version”. Then simply click on the arrow on the right of the “Working Version” stage to move this version of your project to “In Review”. Copy and paste the URL in your email and send it to your client so he can have a look at it.

3/ Based on your client feedback, you can start updating the “Working Version” again of your project. Once you are done, simply submit the latest version again to “In review” stage. And resend the URL to your client.

4/ Once your project has been approved by your client, you can now submit your project version to the “Released” stage. Copy and paste the Released URL in your email and send it to your client as the final link to be published online or share with your final audience.

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