Anyone can use Wonda VR Mobile Apps (iOS, Android + Gear VR Extension) to access your experiences in their different stages provided you have given them access to the right QR code or Deep Link URL.

Share with a QR Code

Just launch the Wonda VR app for iOS or Android, and tap on “Launch experience via QR code” to scan the QR code related to your project stage.

Once scanned, you will be redirected to the experience home screen of your project directly within Wonda VR Mobile App.

NB: In Working Version and In Review stages, instead of scanning each new project version to preview it on smartphone, you can tap on the refresh icon displayed on the 360° poster.

Share with a Deep Link / URL 

Wonda VR Cloud Publishing Service makes it easy to share your project on multiple platforms using a unique URL  or “Deep Link”.

See below the different scenario:

1/ Deep link is opened using a desktop computer (e.g. via a desktop web browser or desktop email client):

  • Users are redirected to a fallback web page where they have the option to enter their phone number to receive the link by text message.

2/ Deep link is opened on a mobile phone: 

  • if Wonda VR Mobile App is not installed yet, users are redirected to the app store/playstore to install it. Once installed, they will be redirected automatically to your experience on first launch.
  • if Wonda VR Mobile App is already installed, users are automatically redirected to your experience homescreen.

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