With Wonda VR you can import spatial audio in .tbe format. To know more about this format, please visit the official Facebook 360 Spatial Audio website.

Manage a tbe file

A .tbe file needs to be associated with an existing media (either an existing video or stereo audio) of your media library.

You need to open the third panel of the media library and add your spatial audio to the desired video or the audio. See image below:

The .tbe file will be copied automatically to the Media > Audios folder of your project.

The .tbe file inherits of all properties from the master media:

  •  In case of a video, you can only adjust the audio volume in the sequence editor.

  • In case of an audio, you can adjust the volume, set a loop or a continuous audio.

In both cases the stereo audio stream from the original media will be replaced by the spatial audio and will not play back.

NB: Spatial audio is only supported in the Android mobile app in offline mode. Neither the iOS app, the editor, the Oculus GO/ Quest nor the web player can playback the .tbe audio stream. In this case, the stereo audio stream of the original media will be used as a fall back audio.

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