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  1. Click on the + button to create a new project.

2. From the “create new project” panel, you can assign several property to your project (note that these properties can be modified afterwards):

Project title, description and credits forms are information displayed on the project poster in mobile apps and on the 2D poster page on desktop. See here how to activate this.

Gaze interaction option (see here for more information)

You have three options:

  • Always: The reticle is always visible.

  • Smart: The reticle visible only when over an interactive element.

  • Never: The reticle never visible.

Trigger delay

The default delay to activate an interaction or a link when users gaze at an element.

Activate Gaze navigation in Magic Window

If this option is checked, users will see a white reticle in magic window mode and navigate by orienting their phone. If you uncheck the box, users can navigate by tapping on interactive elements when viewing the project through magic window mode. (The reticle will only appear in side-by-side mode.)

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