There are two ways to create a 360° sequence:

  • Drag a “spherical” media from the medialibrary onto the Storyboard. The sequence will be automatically created.
  • Drag a “spherical” media from the finder onto the Storyboard. In this case, the confirmation message will show up and the sequence will be automatically created.

The sequence is automatically created with the media name and with the media embedded.

Change the Start Up Sequence

How to define the start up sequence

By default, your project's main sequence (the one your project starts with when published) is the first sequence you have created. It is marked with a red icon on its thumbnail.

To define a new main sequence, right click on the chosen sequence and select “Set as start up sequence”.

A red icon should now appear on the selected sequence and when you publish your project. It will start playing with this sequence.

NB: Free users can only create 5 sequences.

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