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When you install Wonda VR on your computer, the application automatically creates a folder in your documents (PC and Mac) and copies the demo project in the Wonda VR folder. Any new project created from the app will automatically create a folder with the same name in this same folder.

NB : Note that you can move your project files anywhere on your computer or any external hard drive.

Files description:

  • Myproject.wonda : a project file edited by Wonda VR Studio. Essential to open and edit your project with Wonda VR Studio.

  • data.json: data file read by the applications and the web browser. It contains all your project architecture and metadata. 

  • index.html : HTML file used to launch your project in your web browser (Firefox).

  • Autosave folder: Location of all the autosave files made by Wonda VR  every 5 minutes.

  • Medias folder: location of all the media files imported within the application.

  • Player folder : source code of Wonda VR 360° web player.

NB1: If you want to work on a copy of your project, in Wonda VR Studio go to File > Duplicate and a new folder will be created in the WondaVR directory. This way you are sure that the two projects will be synchronized correctly.

NB2: To delete a project visible in the Wonda VR project gallery, simply move or delete the project folder in Documents / WondaVR from your finder/ explorer. See this gif for example.

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