Wonda VR Studio allows you to edit stereoscopic and monoscopic 360° photos and videos that you have already stitched. 

NB: Note that a 360° equirectangular photo or video format is necessarily in 2x1 format, for example: 3000x1500 px.
Please make sure you respect this ratio before importing your media into Wonda VR Studio.

360° Photos Compression Guidelines

  • Format: JPEG compressed for the web (PNG is not compatible on iOS)
  • Maximum resolution: 3840 x 1920 px. 
  • Maximum weight: 2Mb

Photos and Graphics (non-spherical static images) Compression Guidelines

  • Format: JPEG or PNG compressed for the web
  • Maximum resolution: 3840 x 1920 px. 
  • Maximum weight: 2Mb

NB: Be sure your images are not exported with indexed color mode as it's not supported on iOS devices. More information here


  • Stereo Format: .mp3 
  • Spatial Format: .tbe

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360 Video

  • Format: MP4  
  • Maximum resolution: 3840 x 1920 px.
  • Maximum weight: no limit.

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2D Video Coming Soon

For the time being you cannot directly import 2D videos into Wonda VR sequences.

As a workaround and until we support this feature, you can embed a 2D video in an equirectangular file in post production.

Check out these resources to get more information:

How to do it with Premiere Pro

How to do it with After Effects

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