In Cardboard (Magic window & VR)

To preview your project with your Android Device, go to Files > Package for Apps and look for the “publish-to-apps” folder. Then, copy the “publish-to-app” content:

  • A media folder

  • Your_project_name.wonda file

  • A data.json file

 from your computer into the WONDA_VR folder on your phone. 

Then Launch Wonda VR Mobile App on your Android, tap on “Launch Experience stored locally”. Note that this option only appears if you have copied a project to your smartphone storage.

This will launch your project's home screen composed by the poster, the name of your project and its description.

Provided you have installed the Gear VR extension, tap the Gear VR icon to launch your experience into your Gear VR headset.

NB1 : Before previewing be sure you followed our media compression guidelines

NB 2: To access files on an Android phone from a Mac, you will need to download Android File Transfer.

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