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Audio Properties

To access the properties of your audio file, select the element from the timeline or the scene and the Properties Panel will appear showing its values.

To adjust the sound level of your audios or videos, select a value between 0 to 100 in the Playback section from the Audio Properties panel.


If the autoplay option is checked, the audio clip will be played one time and automatically wherever it is positioned on the timeline. If the option is not checked, the audio clip won’t be played automatically but can be played one time by an interaction (see audio trigger interactions).

Set Loops

To set a loop on your audio media, check the “Loop Sound” checkbox in the Media parameters panel and then drag the right side of the audio element on the timeline as much as you want to loop it for. 

If you drag it beyond the end cursor of the sequence and set a “Continuous Audio” option (discussed below) the audio will loop after the end of the sequence if there is not an automatic link at the end of this sequence.

Set Continuous Audio (Ambient sound)

Having a continuous audio play throughout your project enhances the immersive experience while viewing your interactive program by playing an audio file (e.g. a surround ambient sound) throughout an uninterrupted navigation. Continuous audio is useful in the following cases:

  • At the end of a sequence in the case where a user action is expected in order to move to another sequence.

  • Between two or more sequences :To play a continuous audio between sequences, you should add the same audio file on each sequence, check the "continuous audio" parameter in each of the audio files' properties panel and make sure that the files are placed at the beginning of the sequence. (Start time at 00:00:00).

NB: Once you have dragged and dropped the audio clip into the sequence editor it will be visible only in the timeline, not on the WYSIWYG.

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