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1. Links based on user action

There are two ways to create a link between sequences based on user actions:

  • From the storyboard: Click on the white semi-circle below any sequence and drag the arrow onto your target sequence. Wonda VR creates a link between theses two sequences and automatically adds a transparent hotspot in the source sequence. 

  • Within the Sequence Editor: Select an element (image, text or hotspot) other than a spherical media and select a target link from its properties panel.

2. Automatic links

You can set an automatic transition between two sequences. So that at the end of one sequence, the next starts automatically. Users don’t have to interact with the program to see what’s next. With this feature, you can add more fluidity to your project. To do so, create a new link between the two sequences on the storyboard and tick the "automatic transition" option in the properties panel.

Note that automatic links can be used to create loops between two identical sequences.

Within the sequence editor, you can also make a loop by creating an automatic link to the sequence itself, from within the Properties Panel of the image, text or hotspot.  

3. Link to current or specific Timecode

By default when you create a link between 2 sequences, users jump to the beginning of the sequence (i.e timecode=0). You can modify this behaviour by ticking the “seek to” box. Then you have two options:

  • Seek to current time Code

When the user triggers a link, he jumps to the target sequence at the exact same timecode of the current sequence he is in. This option is useful for synchronised multicam experiences for example.

  • Seek to Custom Timecode

When the user triggers a link, he jumps to the target sequence at a timecode of your choice.

4. Link to an external website

You can link any element from your Wonda VR project to an external website. The target website will be opened in a new tab and you will be able to continue exploring the Wonda VR project either if it has been launched in a web browser, or on the Wonda VR mobile app.

Links to external websites are only activated in the web browser (online player, not the local preview) and in Magic Window Mode on the mobile app. If you explore the Wonda VR project in VR mode (HMDs, Stand-alone Headsets, Cardboard, Gear VR or Daydream), the link will not be activated.

Be sure to add http:// in front of your address. 

NB:   Note that for the Hotspots, only the Transparent one is available for the moment but the other buttons will be available soon.

5. Create a Back Target for your Sequence

To create a quick and easy solution to go back to a sequence when viewing an experience in the Gear VR headset, you can simply create a Back Target in the editor. All you need to do is select a sequence on your storyboard to see the sequence property panel, and at the bottom of the panel you will be able to select any sequence to set the Back Target to. Then, just press the back button on the right side of Gear VR to jump to this sequence.

NB:  You can set the Back target as the same sequence to give users the option to restart the sequence.

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