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Web Browser Configuration for local Preview (Firefox)
Web Browser Configuration for local Preview (Firefox)
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Wonda Studio is deprecated, to use the latest version of Wonda check our new platform Wonda to use VR experiences on desktop, mobile and VR headsets.

To be able to preview your work in real time, we recommend to install Firefox and set it as the default browser. It allows you to quickly preview your project directly from the Editor. 

You need to follow this quick process before previewing your work in Firefox offline:

  1. open Firefox

  2. enter about:config in the address bar

  3. accept the risks

  4. search privacy.file_unique_origin in the list using the search bar

  5. double click on the line to pass the value to False

For the time being, neither Chrome nor Safari allow WebGL when launched locally (i.e. using file:// protocol) unless you install a local server like Mamp or you configure your favorite browser by following this documentation.

Previewing shortcuts:

  • Use the keyboard shortcut “Cmd+R” or “Ctrl+R” to launch the sequence and navigate within your browser with mouse interactions.

  • Use the keyboard shortcut “Cmd+ G” or “Ctrl+G” to simulate Gaze Navigation in your browser. You should see a reticle in the center of the screen.

  • To quickly launch a project offline without launching the Wonda VR studio itself, simply go to Documents / WondaVR / your project directory and double click on the index.html file to open the project in a web browser. 


If you are having trouble trying to move around the spherical media, please verify that the Web VR add on for Firefox is not activated.

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