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Wonda Studio is deprecated, to use the latest version of Wonda check our new platform Wonda to use VR experiences on desktop, mobile and VR headsets.

For each stage of your project, Wonda VR provides a unique link that you can share with your audience via any platform (email, messaging, social networks ...). This link will behave differently depending on the device of your audience:

  • On desktop: the web player will launch to offer a 360 navigable version with the mouse. If they have a HMD connected to their computer and they are using the Firefox Nightly web-browser, they will be instantly be able to preview it within VR.

  • On mobile: the personalized poster will be displayed to propose to launch the experiment in the Wonda VR app. If the application is not yet installed, the user will be offered the installation before being able to open the project in the application.

See below the different scenarios:

Scenario 1 / Deep link is opened using a desktop computer (e.g. via a desktop web browser or desktop email client):

  • User is redirected to the experience poster. The project can be launched in 360° by clicking on the Play button.

NB: If the link is opened on a non compatible browser, an invitation to update is displayed on the poster.

Scenario 2 / Deep link is opened on a mobile phone

  • if Wonda VR Mobile App is not installed yet, users are redirected to the app store/playstore to install it. Once installed, they will be redirected automatically to your experience on first launch.

  • if Wonda VR Mobile App is already installed, users are automatically redirected to your experience homescreen.

NB: The Deep Link of your project will remain the same every time you synchronize it, unless you synchronize it using a different account.

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