How can I purchase a Starter Plan Subscription ? 

You can purchase a Starter Plan Subscription on our official store:

How do I activate my Starter Plan Subscription ?

Once the payment is confirmed, you instantly receive an activation key by email that you simply insert into the window “Wonda> Register” in the main menu of the application. 

You will then access all software features. No need to reinstall the application. 

Besides, you can use your License key on multiple desktop workstation, only one at a time.

How long does the Wonda VR Studio Starter Plan last ?

When you buy a WONDA VR Studio Starter Plan, you can keep using Wonda Studio and any associated services provided with your plan for the duration of your subscription (i.e. one year). After your subscription ends, you will still be able to access projects stored on your computer and open them with Wonda VR Mobile Apps when stored locally.

What is included in the Starter Plan ?

Wonda VR Starter Plan gives you the right to use Wonda VR Studio to create an unlimited number projects without any time or geographical restrictions. 

It also gives you (or your client / team) the rights to use the following viewer applications :

  • Wonda VR Web Player (only for quick preview in your browser)
  • Wonda VR Free Mobile iOS and Android Application for private testing and off-line client demos and preview your project in Magic Window mode or VR mode using your Cardboard (and soon Daydream View) headset
  • Wonda Gear VR Free Application for private testing and offline client demos

With Wonda VR Starter Plan, you also have access to priority support (24h Email support) and access to a private server to store and stream your project.

If you want to distribute a custom branded application using our cloud-based publishing solution (either Gear VR, iOS or Android), you will need to buy a White Label Publisher License for your project. Please read below for more information about White Label Apps.

Can I publish an Android and iOS app with the Starter Plan ? Or do i need to pay an additional fee for that ?

You can use Wonda Cardboard App (iOS and Android) to showcase your project offline using your smartphone and favourite VR headset. 

If you (or your client) want to publish a stand alone White Label Mobile App for iOS, Android and/or Gear VR , you need to acquire a White Label License for your project.

 Please read below for more details about white label iOS and Android mobile Apps.

Please note that although the Starter Plan comes with basic hosting and streaming services, these are still in beta and should be used only for testing purposes for now. In addition, we are planning to add a Premium Plan for those of you who would like to publish your project directly using Wonda VR Official Mobile Apps with dedicated features (download option, priority streaming, custom splash screen and advanced versioning options).

Can I change the logo of the splashscreen & nadir with Wonda VR Starter Plan ?

You need to purchase a White Label License to do so. See White Label Licensing section for more information.

Are there additional hosting and bandwidth costs if I purchase a Wonda VR Starter Plan ? 

Wonda VR Starter Plan is dedicated to prototyping and making demos for your clients.
If you want to publish your project, you will need to acquire a White Label License which comes with custom hosting and bandwidth plans.

Please tell us more about your estimated viewership (per month) so we can make a quote:

NB: We are planning to provide you with hosting and streaming services with a dedicated Premium Plan so you can publish your project using Wonda VR Official Apps.

Do you provide special pricing for Academic use or any volume discounts ?

Yes. We offer special pricing for teachers and students as well as special Campus Edition (30+ seats). Please visit our dedicated store for details. Contact us if you have any questions:

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