How much does a White Label iOS/Android VR App cost ?

Pricing starts at 2,500€ for both.

There are a couple options to consider to give you a detailed quote : 

  • Are we talking about a one project app ?
  • Or do you plan already to have multiple projects available within the same app over time ?
  • Do you need your project to be downloadable, streamed online or both ?
  • How many downloads are you targeting?
  • What is the timeframe of your project?

Finally, have you (or your client) ever published a mobile app (VR or not) on any app store before? If not, do you need us to do it for you? Provided you answer these questions, we can send you a quote within 24 hours.

How much does it cost to build a Samsung Gear VR Native App for private distribution on multiple devices ?

White Label Licensing for Gear VR starts at 2,500€.

There are a couple options to consider to give you a definite quote:

  • Are you looking for a public release on the Oculus Store?
  • If not, how many smartphones will you need to deploy your app to? 
  • Do you plan to make frequent updates on your project after it is deployed (in other terms, do you need to be able to update your project remotely on multiple devices using our cloud based solution)?
  • If so, what is your project estimated size and how many downloads do you plan on your project lifespan?

Note that the app can includes up to 20 Device IDs. If you need to install the app on more than 20 phones, you would need to purchase a batch of additional device IDs ($250 for 20 extra device IDs). 

 Please send us your project details and we will send you a quote in 24 hours.

If I want to publish a custom Gear VR app on the Oculus Store, will Wonda VR provide me with the compiled code for me to submit to Oculus ?

Yes. once you have purchased a GEAR VR White Label License for your project, we will provide you a custom build Gear VR App (.apk) so you can continue editing it with Wonda Studio and submit it using your own Developer ID to the Oculus Store. 

Please keep in mind Oculus Store review process can take up to several weeks, even months and that they may refuse your app without any justification other than they do not think it fits with their app content quality requirements. Contact us if you want more details about this.

Do you offer White Label Volume Licensing ?

Yes. Please contact us at with the number of apps you plan on developing and the timeframe for it so we can give you a quote.

Are White Label apps compatible with iPad or Android tablet ?

No. White Label apps are designed for smartphones. We can't guarantee a full support on other devices.

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