How to install Wonda VR studio ?

To install Wonda VR Studio, create an account here and download the editor for desktop here. Once downloaded, you will be prompted to login. To register your license key which will be delivered to you by email after your purchase, go to the top menu Wonda > register and copy the license key.

What is the recommended hardware configuration for installing Wonda VR Studio ?

Wonda is compatible with PC and Mac. Recommended hardware configuration: 


  • Intel Pentium 4, AMD Athlon 64 2800+, or faster processor
  • Windows 7/8/Vista/XP 
  • 2GB of RAM (4GB recommended) 

Mac OS

  • Intel Core Duo or faster processor
  • Mac OS X v10.6.1 or later
  • 2GB of RAM (4GB recommended)

What is the recommended OS configuration for installing the Wonda VR app ?

Wonda VR is compatible with Android and iOS platforms.

OS requirements:

  • Android: Android Lollipop, Marshmallow and Nougat (5.0/6.0/7.0). Note that Gear VR extension and Gear VR White Label apps need Android 6.0 or up to work.
  • iOS: iOS 9 and iOS 10 from iPhone 5s

Device compatibility:

  • The phones which work with the Wonda VR app need to be Cardboard compatible. You may have a device with a gyroscope / accelerometer included. To see whether your phone has these, please check on the constructor websites.

Can we work as a team on the same Wonda VR Project ?

Yes! If you want to work with your colleagues on the same project, we recommend to store your project in a shared folder (e.g. Dropbox). It is however not possible to work simultaneously in real time on the same project at the moment. Note that you need to be logged in the desktop software with the same Wonda VR account. 

Can I move a project from one workstation to another ?

Yes, you can copy a project folder (Documents/WondaVR/MyProject) from workstation A to workstation B.
Please make sure both folders have the same name on both workstations.
If you only have one license key for both workstations, deactivate your license key on workstation A, and copy and paste it on Workstation B.

Where is my Wonda VR project folder located ?

When you first create a project, your project folders are located on your computer, in Documents/WondaVR for Mac users and in My Documents/WondaVR for Windows users.

Can I change the location of my Wonda VR projects and move it in my dropbox or google drive desktop folder ?

Yes, you can change the location of your project folder.
Once your project folder is moved to its new location, Double click on your project_name.wonda file to open it in Wonda VR Studio.

How do I open a Wonda VR Project ?

The easiest way to open a project is to click on the thumbnails from the welcome screen of Wonda VR Studio.
If you don’t see the thumbnail of the project you wish to open, you can locate your project manually by clicking on “Open an existing project > Browse”.
Search for the file with the .wonda extension inside your project folder.

Can I use Wonda VR Studio on multiple workstations ?

Yes, but you can’t do it simultaneously. You will need to unregister your license key (Wonda > Register > Unregister this computer) before using it on another workstation.

When I try to register my license key, I’ve got the message “your license key is already used”

You can’t use the same license key on two workstations at a time.
You have to unregister (Wonda > Register > Unregister this computer) your license before using it on another workstation.
If you have re-installed your workstation or changed it without unregistering your license, please contact us:

Can I work offline?

Yes you can, but you will not be able to sync your project and view it online.

I have purchased a Studio Licence before the 3/15/2017, what right do I have now that Wonda VR plans are billed annually?

You automatically benefit to the Starter Plan and all related features without any time restriction only for Wonda VR 1.x future updates.

I have purchased a Student / Academic Licence before the 3/15/2017, what plan do I have access to now that Wonda VR plans are billed annually?

Your Student / Academic Licence Plan is still valid without any time restriction only for Wonda VR 1.x future updates.

I have purchased a Starter / Student / Premium Plan between the 3/15/2017 and 10/2017, what plan do I have access to now?

You automatically upgrade to the Premium Plan that will remain valid until the anniversary date of the first subscription.

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