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Synchronisation is a major feature to let you share instantly your experience with your teammates or clients. We are still improving this solution so if you have had some trouble using it, here are some work-arounds:


You get the following error message: 

  • Did you wait long enough? Video encoding can take up to the duration of your videos. 

  • Did you try a second time? If the synchronisation fails, trying a second time may resolve the issue.

  • Are you connected to a public connection? It could be an issue related to a proxy or a firewall. Try to sync the same project but with a different connection (like a private one).

  • The editor has had some trouble to sign the project on your computer and upload it on our server. One solution is to open the project on another computer and try to sync it there. If you're working on an external hard-drive, try to copy your project to the internal hard-drive.

  • A file you would like to upload may be too heavy (there is no theoretical limitation but depending on your internet connexion, big files may be not uploaded correctly) 

  • For < 1.6 version / The encoding message never gets finished. It's generally due to videos without an audio stream. One solution can be to add a mute audio into the video file and replace the media in the editor.


On iOS, for "Working Version" stage, if an error has been detected in your project, you may have the following message:

This is a notification dedicated to authors to let them know that the project might have missing media, broken links, 360 medias not recognized... This prevents potential crashes. This message doesn't show up for "In review" or "Released" stages.

Please send your log files to if none of the work-arounds above have worked and we will figure this out quickly. 

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