What is a White Label provided by Wonda VR?

If you would like to have your own Wonda VR project with your own branding, we can build it (no mention of Wonda VR anywhere). The application will launch one project you create with Wonda VR Studio and will have the icon, splash screen and name of your choice. 

More information: https://www.wondavr.com/private-app/

What is a Private Android app for Cardboard, Gear VR & Daydream View?

Private apps are built for Starter or Premium Plans.

  • Only for private distribution (i.e. via a manual installation). No stores publication.
  • Only for one project
  • Starter Plan users can a launch project locally by copying files manually in a dedicated folder on the phone
  • Premium Plan users can connect their released stage project to the White Label app so updates can be done instantly using the Wonda VR cloud solution
  • No analytics
  • No redirection from the web app to White Label app but to the Wonda VR app
  • One year of maintenance / support (compatibility with OS only, no update related to new Wonda features)

Note that there is no iOS support for private apps.

Contact sales@wondavr.com for questions and pricing.

What is a Private Oculus Go app?

Private apps are built for Starter or Premium Plans.

  •  Available for online and offline viewing.
  • The app can be hosted on any Oculus developer account.

Important: We can’t guarantee acceptance or delay of your app on the Store, due to Oculus’ content guidelines.

How to deploy your mobile app in private distribution?

  1. Once the app has been built with your own branding, you receive a .apk, that’s the installation file of the WhiteLabel app.
  2. This file needs to be opened on all phones you would like to install the White Label on.
  3. Once installed on phones, you need to open the application to install the extension for Gear VR or Daydream on compatible phones.

What kind of files will I get after purchasing a White Label app?

We build a .apk for Android and Go These files need to be directly installed on the phone or uploaded to the Oculus Dashboard.

What kind of Analytics can I get with my White Label app?

No analytics can be tracked via White Label app. See Wonda VR Spaces platform if you need to track user data.

What is the validity time frame of the app?

One year of maintenance / support. (Compatibility with OS only, no updates related to new Wonda VR features.)

I have a project packaged in a White Label app and published on the web. Can I redirect users who explore my project on web on desktop to my White Label on mobile?

This is a custom service we consider only for Enterprise plans.

Do you offer White Label Volume Licensing ?

Yes. Please contact us at sales@wondavr.com with the number of apps you plan on developing and the timeframe for it so we can give you a quote.

Are White Label apps compatible with tablets?

No. White Label apps for Android are designed for smartphones. We can't guarantee a full support on other devices.

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