The Free plan provides access to the Wonda VR Studio (with the following limitations) and lets you publish your experiences via our cloud solutions and our players:

-  Wonda VR Web Player (for local preview and online publication, see limitations below)

-  Wonda VR WebVR Player, therefore compatible with HMDs (Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Windows Mixed Reality).

-  Wonda VR Mobile iOS and Android Application to preview and publish your project in Magic Window or VR mode using your Cardboard, Gear VR and Daydream headsets.

-  Preview you project on stand alone headsets such as the Oculus Go.

The Free Plan doesn’t include any email support, but you have full access to our documentation and FAQ.

You also have access to a private server to store and stream your project.

Below is a list of main features you can or can’t use:

Can I import my own media and create new sequences with the Free plan?

Yes, you can import your own media files and create up to 5 sequences within your project.

Can I start a project with a Free Plan and continue editing it once I purchase a paid subscription?

You sure can. After you purchase your Starter / Premium Plan subscription, you will instantly receive an activation key by email that you simply copy and paste into the window “Wonda> Register” in the main menu of the application. This will unlock the software. No need to reinstall anything.

Where do I get a watermark on my experience?

On mobile apps, a Wonda VR nadir will be present throughout all sequences.

On desktop web browser, a watermark ‘Powered by Wonda VR’ is visible on the top left corner of the screen throughout all sequences.

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