• Text Editor: It is now possible to insert and edit text objects (including custom fonts) in any sequence. > Read documentation
  • Advanced interactions: Added advanced interactive editor to trigger multiple visual interactions based on “Gaze”, “Gaze Over” and “Gaze Away” event. > Read documentation
  • Added the ability to edit text styles with a dedicated editing panel.  > Read documentation
  • 3D orientation presets: You can choose between two orientation presets for each visual object.Using the “sphere” orientation mode, the visual element will be automatically oriented towards the center of the sphere (aka the camera). This option is best if you want to annotate your 360° sequence with visual markers for example.With he “prism” orientation mode, visual elements will be automatically oriented vertically, aligned with a chosen reference plane.This option is best for menu UI for example, where each menu UI element is to be oriented the same way, aligned with the same vertical plane. > Read documentation
  • Added the ability to hide elements in the sequences with the “hidden” option



  • Updated demo project (big time!).
  • Updated default orientation to cylindrical and depth to 60.
  • Made texts vertically centered by default.
  • Updated default text content.
  • Corrected a problem where empty texts are displayed as ‘null’.
  • Add a background color to text boxes
  • Removed elements transitions to prevent fadeout at the end of the sequence.


  • Added a message at the launch on the splash screen that invites you to use Firefox by default for local web preview.



  • Corrected a problem where elements with the same depth overlap.
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