Casting to Mobile

Screen casting to mobile devices from the Oculus Go is now an official feature of the Oculus headset.

Simply follow these steps on how to use this feature:

  • Open the Oculus Go mobile app and log into the same account as the Oculus Go headset.
  • Turn on your Oculus Go.
  • Pair the app with your Oculus Go headset (the Go’s light should turn blue)
  • Be sure to have the mobile and Go on the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Put on your Go and on the menu select Sharing > Cast.
  • If the Cast button is not visible, then the latest version of Oculus Go runtime has not been installed. 
  • To download this, plug the headset into charge with a Wi-Fi connection, then restart the headset after 10 minutes or so.
  • Confirm you want to cast.
  • Remove the headset, confirm on your mobile and start streaming!
  • To stop casting return to the Go’s menu and reselect Cast.

Casting to Desktop

Unlike mobile, screen casting the Oculus Go onto a desktop screen has not yet been made an official feature by Oculus. However, there a few workarounds that we can suggest.

  • One option you can use, maybe the most simple, is using the likes of Vysor. For options such as fullscreen mode and wireless casting, Vysor Pro will need to be purchased.

If you want to get more technical, you can try and do some basic programming of your own based on these YouTube video tutorials:

N.B: Casting is available for Gear VR and DayDream View with Chromecast.

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